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US Space Force launches tactical satellite

The US Space Force has launched a tactical satellite developed in only four months with only 21 days notice. On June 13 at 4:11 am EDT, the Tactically Responsive Launch-2 (TacRL-2) demonstration satellite was launched on a Northrop Grumman Pegasus XL rocket dropped from a modified “Stargazer” L-1011 aircraft that


Funny Aviation Terms

Just to prove that pilots do have a sense of humour. AIRSPEED – Speed of an airplane. (Deduct 25% when listening to a retired or an inebriated pilot.) BANK – The people who hold the loan on most pilots’ cars, homes and aircraft. CARBURETOR ICING – A phenomenon reported to

Prof Philippe Salazar:

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Israel’s Iron Dome Anti-Rocket Defence System Explained

The Iron Dome, which the United States helped finance, has apparently proven to be 85 to 90 percent successful in shooting down Hamas rockets fired at Israel. A system that shoots down nine out of 10 rockets is less effective when hundreds, or even thousands, of rockets are involved, and


New SAA consortium partner PIC confirms it owns 30%

The PIC has confirmed that it owns 30% of Harith General Partners, an investment group that’s part of a consortium that will own a majority stake in SAA. The Public Investment Corporation (PIC), which manages civil servant pensions, has confirmed that it owns 30% of

Event organisers still to confirm #AAD2020

SAfm Sunrise, 15 Apr National Transport Movement respond to comments by Tito Mboweni

The Aviation Industry In Crisis | Carte Blanche | M-Net

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Guy Leitch How Emirates and British Airways benefited from the capture of SAA. Nov 2019


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How efficient is SpaceX in terms of seat costs?



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Gulf airspace restrictions relaxed

In a wave of reconciliation sweeping across the Gulf States, the United Arab Emirates has reopened its borders and airspace to Qatar after boycotting the small energy-rich country alongside its Gulf allies since 2017. Further, Saudi Arabia has announced the reopening of its airspace and borders with Qatar. National carrier Qatar Airways said it had started to reroute

World Airline Outlook for 2021

In a media briefing in January, IATA’s Alexandre de Juniacsaid that the world airline industry’s situation is still perilous. “While we still see airlines turning cash positive within the year, the near-term picture is bleak. Instead of a boost from the year-end holiday period, we got even more restrictions. Governments tightened borders in